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, the muslim fund mentionist ideals that the old brother tamerlan inculcating began to take hold. when he came back, tamerlan, it is also interesting to note that's when he began putting his videos on youtube. that's where he began referencing these radical imams. that's where he began truly to get hard core in terms it of his ideology, his hatred of the west. his hatred of decadent
-old tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar, become the most hunted fugitives in america. their pictures splashed across every tv, phone, and computer in the country. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects. >> reporter: less than five hours after the images are released the suspects resurface. with deadly consequences. at 10:20 p.m. an m.i.t. police officer is found shot dead in his patrol car. just blocks away around 11:00 p.m. a 26-year-old chinese entrepreneur living in boston is carjacked at gunpoint in his mercedes suv. by two men claiming to be the boston bombers. "boston globe" reporter eric moskowitz interviewed the anonymous carjacking victim, named danny, about his ordeal. >> along the way he hears them talk about manhattan. they ask him about whether his car could go to new york. >> reporter: the suspects stop at an atm to withdraw $800 cash, using their hostage's bank card and password. back in the car the victim's cell phone rings. it's his roommate asking where he is. >> tamerlan say
.m., these two men, later identified as tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother, dzhokhar, become the most hunted fugitives in america. their pictures slashed across every tv, phone and computer in the country. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspects. >> less than five hours after the images are released, the suspects resurface. with deadly consequences. at 10:20 p.m., an mit police officer is found shot dead in his patrol car. >>> just blocks away, a carjack at gunpoint by two men claiming to be the boston bombers. boston globe reporter eric maskowitz interviewed the victim named danny. >> along the way, he hears them talk about manhattan. they asked him about whether his car could go to new york. >> the suspects stop at an atm to width draw $800 cash using their hostage's bank card and password. back in the car, the victim's cell phone rings. it's his roommate asking where he is. >> tamerlan says, you know, pick up the phone. if you say anything in chinese, i'll kill you. because if he's speaking in chinese, he may
the first explosion two men are seen walking toward the finish line carrying large knapsacks, tamerlan tsarnaev is in front and dzhokhar tsarnaev is a few feet behind. the two are seen a half block away from a restaurant camera. a minute later, bomber one, tamerlan walks out of the crowd with a knapsack on his back. at 2:45, alleged bomber two, dzhokhar walks to the finish line. he has a cell phone in his left hand. the affidavit says he stops near a metal barrier his back to the cameras and he is apparently slipping his knapsack on the ground. he stands there for four minutes, looking at his cell phone appearing to take a picture and a deadly final 30 seconds. just before the first explosion, dzhokhar tsarnaev lifts the phone to his ear as if speaking on it. for 18 seconds he keeps the phone to his ear. as he appears to finish his call the crowd reacts to the first explosion. virtually every head turns toward the blast except for tsarnaev who virtually alone among the individuals appears calm. he glances to the east and starts walking rapidly to the west away from the finish line with
. thanks for watching. good night! tonight on "nightline," the mastermind. how tamerlan tsarnaev apparently relied on welfare while the country plotting against the country that took him in. the president on 9/11 gave his reaction to america's latest attack. and from politics to painting to his brother's possible run. >> it would be great, you know? >> george and laura bush give abc news a look at life after the white house. and he has been called the frank sinatra of his generation. but this crooner's life hasn't always been about feeling good. we are on the town with michael buble. >> few for joining us tonight. so much of the investigative energy is how could these two brothers turn on the country that took them in? a chilling trail left by tamerlan tsarnaev, the elder and apparent master mine. >> for a while, the man police considered the master mine of marathon bombings seemed like a normal young guy, the kind who made videos of himself joking around in russian and posted them on youtube. who liked to wear fancy clothes, who was considered a hot shot boxer. the mystery, one in which we
it might be israel. the fbi got a tip on this guy. that you are looking at right now. tamerlan tsarnaev that he was a radical and that he travels back to russia for six months he comes back here and the fbi says he is clean. obviously he wasn't.
times square. the younger son, dzhokhar, told investigators he and his brother tamerlan were driving to new york the night they ended up in but even if it was a last-minute decision, new york city mayor michael bloomberg and police commissioner ray kelly said the attack could have been horrific. >> the two brothers had at their disposal six improvised explosive devices. one was a pressure cooker bomb similar to the two that exploded at the marathon. the other two were pipe bombs. >> mary snow is here with me tonight. when you see all the people here, you realize this is the center of this city, if not beyond. what do you know about the details of the plan? >> there aren't many details, and the way the police commissioner and mayor described this, they were briefed by the fbi wednesday night. they said this was talk of targeting times square. and the police commissioner said that the way he described this plan was that it was spontaneous. but he was told that the brothers had talked about this after they had, you know, carjacked a car that mercedes suv, and that is when this discussio
the latest on the investigation. brian todd has new details on a mysterious man that tamerlan tsarnaev's family said had the most influence over him. and david mattingly following the money trail. so many want answers to this question. how did the brothers support themselves? and how long did they collect welfare from the state of massachusetts? aaron mcpike is in rhode island. tamerlan tsarnaev's wife is there. investigators are asking how could she have not known about the bombs? and we'll go overseas where nick robertson has the latest on the meeting today between u.s. officials and the bomber's parents. and joe johns is in washington with new information about what russian officials told the fbi and the cia. some damming details about whether our intelligence agencies may have dropped the ball. i want to begin with deb in boston. deb, what do we know about this visit from the parents? >> reporter: yeah, this is news that we just got. came across a couple moments ago. we're being told that russian newspaper is reporting that the two parents are going to be leaving their homes and co
that the connection between tamerlan and the suspects, these terror suspects, was twice removed. what does that mean? it means that tamerlan was in contact with people who had been in contact with those terrorist suspects. both those terror suspect cases had been closed at the time of this communication. so it appears, again, that lead went nowhere. we tried to contact the fbi about it. there was no contact from the federal bureau of investigation. erin? >> drew, thank you very much. >> i want to go to where the suspect's parents live. nick robertson is is there today. the suspect's father said that he's going to be headed to the state. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, the husband has health issues. he was at the press conference today or yesterday, thursday as it was. and he said no, i'm going to go to the united states today. i talked to him as he left that press conference, he said he was going to go and try to talk to his son in the hospital. but later on in the evening, we found out from his wife he had become too ill to travel. there was a thought he might travel on friday. that now seems u
and suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. we know that russia warned the fbi about him. and now a government official says russia also alerted the cia about tamerlan, asking spy agencies look into his shift toward extremism. and tonight new reports the cia recommended adding tamerlan to a terrorism database. what happened next? >>> also in dagestan, the parents of the suspects were interviewed by officials at the u.s. embassy, and the father reportedly will be flying to the u.s. as early as friday. possibly to assist in the investigation. at the same time, we're learning more about the older brother's trip back home. cnn's nick paton walsh is in dagestan. and thousands attended the service of sean collier. and tonight some extraordinary scenes, incredible and deeply emotional sight, just a few feet from the marathon finishing line. a memorial to the victims, people leaving flowers and cards, stopping to pay tribute to the lives so brutally taken and so many who were so badly wounded. but we're covering this story around the world tonight with nick paton walsh in dagestan. jake, i want to start with y
. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke also is that fbi officials have
. and the next picture is of after tamerlan went to the police. he charged into the police with his guns, and tamerlan was taken down, and you see him in the distance being taken down. now that's not the right picture. that's the picture. circle there is tamerlan on the ground, and the car that is driving towards him, that is dzhokhar driving towards the police and his brother. this is after, of course, tamerlan has been taken down. and then the third picture, that's the one that you showed before, if you can put it back is the car in which they had all their bombs. and this is when the bomb squad sends a robot bomb detector over -- there it is -- to check and inspect the car for explosives. really just remarkable photographs. we would never have images of the gunfire if it weren't for andrew kissenberg. he is seeking people to donate to the one fund in exchange for showing these -- letting us have the license for these pictures. anderson? >> so, jay, what he is saying is he saw the vehicle allegedly driven by dzhokhar literally drive through the road black, basically just smash its way
specific clue on the bombs. plus, tonight, you'll hear the voice of tamerlan tsarnaev, what one of his boxing coaches told us today. and tamerlan's widow spent three hours at her lawyer's office today. we are learn iing right now abo that meeting. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. "outfront" tonight, new evidence in the boston bombing investigation. we have a new clue that could help solve this crime and tell us if anyone else is involved. plus, tamerlan tsarnaev, the dead suspect in his own words. tonight, all angles of the investigation "outfront" in boston. susan candiotti and brian todd on the investigation. in rhode island, erin mcpipe with the newe estimatioest info his widow. first, to susan candiotti in boston. another potential breakthrough for ininvestigatorininvestigato. tonight, you have new information about specific evidence in the case. >> that's right. we're learni ining about a new that at least one fingerprint has been found on one of those bombs that was used during the boston marathon. now, at last word, there is no information about to whom that belongs,
't believe the agency dropped ball on the investigation on tamerlan tsavraev. agents questioned him back in 2011 at russia's request and didn't find anything. crime and justice correspondent joe johns joins us from washington. working the story for us. a lot of people wondering if the fbi, in fact, did miss something. >> that's true, wolf. and the u.s. government gets thousands of tips from foreign governments to check people out. but in the case of tamerlan tsavraev, the question being asked now is whether the feds had enough information to do more than they did in the two years before the boston bombing. tamerlan tsavraev first hit the fbi's radar when the russian government said they should check him out. >> the russian government sent a letter, we think this guy has become radicalized, you should watch him. >> reporter: he was a follower of radical islam and a strong believer that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the united states for travel to the country's region to join unspecified underground groups. the fbi says it checked u.s. government data basses
videos online. in the last thing we know is that his older brother tamerlan, the suspect who died a few days after the attacks, was the driving force behind them, isha. >> you touched on his difficulty in speaking. what do we know of how these questioning sessions are actually being carried out? how is he communicating? >> a lot of the questions have been yes or no questions basically, and what we have read from the transcript from that hearing earlier today was that he nodded eded affirmatively is the judge there put it in the hearing. >> do investigators feel that they're any closer, and mentally, these are preliminary questions, do they feel they're any closer to establishing a motive for the attacks? >> not necessarily, but from what they've been able to gather, the older brother, tamerlan, who has died evidently felt like islam was under attack and a jihadist basically needed to fight back. and that is what they believe is the force behind it. >> in all of this, now, we're hearing that dzhokhar, according to the transcripts is saying that his brother was the leader in all of this,
of tamerlan tsarnaev. the mysterious man is found and speaks. let's go out front. investigators have found female dna on at least one of the bombs used in the attacks. what exactly does that mean? we're going to get right to that along with all the other angles of the story tonight in boston. >>> susan candiotti with the latest on the investigation and what the fbi found at tamerlan's wife's investigation today. a possible link between tamerlan tsarnaev and a known jihadist and a look at how authorities could have prevented the attack and at what cost to america's privacy and freedom. >>> but i want to go to boston first and susan with this breaking news. >> by finding that female dna on one of the pressure cookers, it certainly helps move forward this investigation. we know that investigators have been looking for any kind of evidence on the remains of the pressure cooker bombs. looking for hair samples, for any dna samples, for finger prints, for example. now we know it has tested positive for dna. we also know that the fbi retrieved a dna sample from tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, catherine
suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, coming under closer scrutiny. investigators have taken dna samples and other items from katharine russell at her parents' home in rhode island. they will compare the samples to female dna found on a fragment of one of the pressure cooker bombs used in the boston attack. federal agents, by the way, also trying to determine if there's a link between tamerlan and this man, william plotnikov, a canadian boxer turned jihadist killed a year ago in a shoot-out with russian troops. firefight happened in the same region tamerlan was visiting. he returned to the u.s. quickly thereafter. we have reporters covering all angles of the investigation. and we're staying on top of this story. meanwhile, a defiant president obama says the u.s. won't be intimidated by bombings in boston. in a news conference over at the white house just a little while ago the president was asked whether people should be afraid of attending large gatherings after the attack at the boston marathon, and he said, absolutely not. >> we're not going to stop living our lives because warped individuals t
about the wife of tamerlan tsarnaev. we have new video of her coming out of hiding today. first time we've seen her in days. let's go out front. >>> good friday even, everyone, i'm erin burn out out front tonight. new developments in the boston terror investigation. a u.s. official tells cnn that one of the explosive devices found at last week's gunfight between police and the boston bombing suspects is similar to a design outlined in a magazine. this magazine to be specific. it's called "inspire." it's the al qaeda magazine. it's on line. this is the summer edition from 2010 which details how to make a metal elbow pipe wrapped in black tape, similar to what was found on the suspects. now i have a copy of this magazine. it's 67 pages long. and the section here that we're talking about is called "make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom," by the al qaeda chef. the a.q. chef. there are pictures and how tos. if this weren't real life and what they were trying to do, it would almost be farcical. it's hard to imagine. if this is in fact the guide that the suspects use, they had eight full page
that killed tamerlan and may have injured his brother. it has been a long day for the people here in watertown and in the greater boston area. the search for the brothers closed schools and offices and all but shut down the entire area. president obama expressed his thanks from the white house. >> we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all our outstanding law enforcement professionals. >> reporter: the fbi marked his page, captured, and people gathered for a candle light vigil near the finish line of the marathon. in addition to a motive. investigators will be looking to answer if these two brothers were working alone or part of a larger terror group. we can tell you that three additional suspects have been taken into custody. it happened in new bedford, which is an hour away from watertown where this all played out. back to you. >> now the man hunt ended about 27 hours after the fbi released the suspect's photos. here's a closer look at the night of chaos that led up to the capture. >> the chaos began late last night, police called to a shooting on the m.i.t. campus. university police o
brother, tamerlan, killed in a gun battle early friday morning while wearing explosives strapped to his chest, may have instigated the plot and persuaded dzhokhar to join him, but why? the brothers originally from chechnya, were raised in the u.s., living in the same house, and seemed to fit in. both were athletic. dzhokhar, a wrestler, and tamerlan, a boxer. who hoped to be on the u.s. olympic team. but in recent years, tamerlan had changed and became radicalized, according to his uncle, who says he then spoke to a family friend. >> he said there is someone who brainwashed him, some newly convert to islam. >> reporter: in 2011, russian intelligence, concerned about the threat of chech knowian terrorism asked the fbi to investigate tamerlan, based on information that he was a follower of radical islam and that he had changed drastically since 2010, according to an fbi statement. the fbi says a checked databases, interviewed tamerlan and family members, but quote did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign. the fbi says it asked the russians for more, but never got answers.
influenced a visitor from boston. but would the bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev radicalized by a friend back home? right here in massachusetts we're looking into the mysterious man accused of brain washing him. you'll hear the vice president of the united states joe biden eloquent talking about the loss at a memorial service for a murdered police officer. and scornful of what he calls two cowardly, knock off jihadis. i'm wolf blitzer in boston. here are the latest developments of the boston bombings. no cause of death found yet for the alleged bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. the body remains in the custody of the state's chief medical examiner. the suspect's mother says burial has been arranged at a cambridge mosque but the islamic society of boston says local imams would not be comfortable presiding. the massachusetts government says the suspects received welfare benefits when younger and the older brother's family received them through last year. the brothers were not receiving assistance at the time of the bombings. an fbi delegation at the u.s. embassy in moscow went to dagestan today as
? >> investigators beginning paint a much fuller picture of the parents and the life this young man, tamerlan tsavraev was living and the pull between his life here in the united states and his life over in the russian caucuses, where he had been a transient, going from country to country, because of the chechen war. the m.i.t. officer shot to death by the two alleged bombers did not register in to dispatch to request a description of the suspects and did not alert dispatch he was actually responding to the two men, who apparently came up to him, totally unaware, he was ambushed in the car. shot four to five times it took police 13 minutes to find that officer. that downed officer. he did not even have time to pull at letter on his radio. and you are looking at now, are pictures of dzhokhar tsavraev. that was when he went to the convenience store. it's interesting this entire manhunt was launched because of these actions of these two men, not particularly in terms of them building a bomb, but because they seemed to have out of nowhere, ambushed this police officer and that set everything in m
states. and then, nic robber ton is going to travel to dagestan where tamerlan spent six months doing what? and new details on katherine russell. finally, here in new york, deb feyerick on tam ran's connection to a bizarre, unsolved triple murder case. i want to begin with jake tapper in boston. what have you learned about what dzhokhar is telling investigators? i know there's been preliminary interviews and you've been getting the nuts and bolts and details about how they have been communicating and what he said. >> reporter: that's right, erin. u.s. government official has relayed to me some of the news from dzhokhar tsarnaev in his discussions with investigators. we learned last night that he was talking about how there were no foreign terrorist organize sgra zagss involved, that his brother was the driving force and jihad in nature considering themselves to be under attack as muslims and trying to fight back. that is what dzhokhar has been telling investigators. so i don't want to -- i want to make sure everyone understands, this is what he is saying. in addition, we found out som
the bombs. >> reporter: as for what drove tamerlan? his younger brother claims it was hatred of america. >> he may have been angry about other things, about the status of his life. but he increasingly turned to jihadism, was radicalized, because among other things, u.s. foreign policy decisions overseas and that especially afghanistan and iraq. >> reporter: what the younger brother is reported to be saying is consistent with what we heard in the neighborhood about the older brother tamerlan and his disgust with things american and christian. >> he said the bike is a cheap copy off the koran. he said most american wars are excused off the bible. >> reporter: and it also emerged there might be a link to an unsolved murder two years ago. prosecutors said monday that they are investigating whether tamerlan was involved in the brutal murder of three young men, one of whom was his roommate. the three were found with their throats slashed, covered in marijuana and cash. federal agents have been looking at the six-month trip tamerlan took last year to russia at a time that rebel groups there ca
the big question is, whose is it? the fbi is visiting tamerlan tsarnaev's widow at her parents' home in rhode island and leaving with bags of dna evidence. they're also trying to piece together katherine russell's every move in the days before and just after the attacks. meantime, the medical examiner knows what killed tamerlan tsarnaev but not releasing the details because the family has not yet claimed his body. as for surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team, death penalty expert judy clarke is now part of that team. she has represented high profile clients in the past and we want to get right to pamela brown live in devens, massachusetts with more on this investigation. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, john. investigators are trying to figure out whether katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, had any role whatsoever in the boston marathon attacks. they went into the home she was staying in yesterday and did not walk out empty handed. fbi agents searched this home belonging to the family of katherine russell. t
was reached, russian intelligence then asked the fbi to investigate tamerlan tsarnaev, the elder of two brothers charged with carrying out the boston marathon bombings that killed three people. two americans and a chinese national and wounded 260 on april the 15th. tamerlan was age 26 when he was shot and killed four days after the marathon by police in watertown, massachusetts, where he and his brother dzhokhar, age 19, had sought refuge. okay. back to russia's request in 2011. the fbi fulfilled the russian request and interviewed tamerlan and found nothing suspicious. but the russians were not satisfied with the fbi nothing suspicious report so the russians then asked the cia to look into tamerlan's background, especially any links to radical islam. so the cia added tamerlan's name to its terrorist database. tamerlan's parents watched all of this from dagestan, the russian republic, where they were interviewed late this week over there by the fbi. the fbi's findings. 15 months ago, january of last year, tamerlan visited dagestan where he stayed some seven months and then returned to
that black suv. t that was the main car used. there were ftwo cars ininvolved. tamerlan is the one who carjacked the car. his little brother was nearby, we're told by a source in the investigation. so that's how it played out. but, boy, you are right, erin, what a crazy night. and it's taken this long. i think it's really taken this long for the police to figure it all out. >>> well, drew griffin, thanks very mump. we are learning now about where and how the brothers may have gotten some of the explosives that they used in the bombings. this has been another huge question mark out there. >> reporter: erin, cnn is told tonight that tamerlan, at one point, purchased a very large cachet of firearms. >> william says that this purchase took place on february 6th. he stressed at the time, it was not out of the ordinary. he says tamerlan asked the clerk what is the loudest and biggest thing that you have. he paid about $200 in this purchase. and, again, the purchase was two reloadble mortar kits with about 48 reloadble shells. >> thanks to you, brian. >>> one of tamerlan's closest friends, a
suspect. tamerlan's alleged turn to radical islam. we learned that he bought a large amount of fireworks leading up to the attacks which may help explain the process of perfecting their bombs. again, we're learning more about that. we'll tell you what we know. in addition to all of that, people who live and work on this stretch of boyleston street were still no go today. >>> and in a private ceremony, family members held a funeral mass for 8-year-old martin richard. we laid our son martin to rest, his parents said. and he's now at peace. it has been quite a day, but nothing compared to the night that david henneberry had on friday. that's his backyard. and that is his boat. it's where he discovered the younger suspect and then quickly called police. you may have heard the story of how it happened. that story, the one we've all been hearing, is not quite true. tonight mr. henneberry is telling it like it was speaking to the affiliate wcnbb. >> i know people say there's bloods in the boat, he saw blood when he went in. not -- >> not true? >> not true. >> the word is you saw the boat, you p
takes shape, with stories of tamerlan tsavraev's strange behavior in a music. >> he seemed to object. >> you just don't stand up and talk out during the service? >> you just don't. >> and an evolving picture of what else they may have been planning. >> they were going somewhere, and they had evil intent. >> is it possible that law enforcement, watchful witnesses, and technology came together to foil more attacks. was the boston marathon their last target? "terror in boston: the hunt for answers." welcome to "dateline," everyone. i'm lester holt on boylston street in boston. site of the marathon bombing. we have followed every development, but many of the biggest questions of the case have remained. tonight, we'll try to answer some of them. inside stories paint the most complete picture yet of how the bombing happened, the deadly manhunt that turned this city upside down. who the suspects are, and what may have motivated them. and where this worldwide investigation goes from here. >> white male, dark hair. >> we know who they are. >> on our broadcast tonight, the suspects. >> we know
to make sure that they are chasing all leads. also tamerlan tsarnaev spent six months in russia last year and they want to get to that, too. there is a court hearing on may 30. the state of massachusetts has not yet charged the brothers with anything including the death of a police officer a couple of nights ago. >> working late shift in boston. thanks very much. >>> the fbi investigators want to talk to the wife of the dead bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. they have a 2-year-old daughter together. so far detectives have only been able to speak to the lawyer. >>> investigators are chasing a host of leads delving into the every day lives of the suspect. one has been a mixed martial arts gym. before he killed americans tsarnaev had dreams of representing americans at the olympics. >> reporter: long before the world knew of his brutality the boston community took note of tamerlan tsarnaev. he competed in the golden gloves championships. he told one interviewer he aspired to box on the u.s. olympic team. that dream stalled after his petition for citizenship was denied. this is a mixed marti
developments. jake tapper's in boston and erin mcpike is at the family home of tamerlan's widow. we'll begin with jake. jake, bring me up to speed with where we are with the latest. >> reporter: there's a lot, piers. get ready. first of all, we know that the fbi spent about 90 minutes in the home of katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. they were interviewing her and i'm sure erin will have more on that. in addition, law enforcement officials and other sources say that one of the things that law enforcement is looking into right now is female dna that was found on one of the trace elements from the bomb. they caution this doesn't necessarily mean anything. it could just mean that a specific female came in contact with ingredients later used to make the bomb, but of course, one of the things they're checking out is whether or not this dna matches katherine russell, tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, or even the daughter. again, they caution this does not necessarily mean anything, but they are looking at this because this dna is that of a female. in addition, we know that the mother want
investigators to think that the elder brother, tamerlan, may have been involved in drug dealing. the source would not elaborate on the nature of the evidence. we've already been talking about the fact that they have been looking into whether he may have supported himself through drug dealing. but of course, if they can find that laptop, anderson, in this landfill after it had been ditched somewhere that was, you know, like a dumpster that eventually made it to the landfill, if they can get into that, they can find out things like e-mails and contacts and schedules, and instructions. so much other information about how this plot may have come together. >> just a couple quick things. again, we may not know the information so just say no if we don't. do we know when this laptop was allegedly ditched? >> only after the bombing. not precisely when. and that's something they're still trying to work out. >> also, several days ago, as you mentioned, we had reported that law enforcement had as a working hypothesis the idea that tamerlan may have been involved in drug dealing. what you're hearing ton
they have found female dna on parts of the bomb. and tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, what was in the evidence bag they removed from the home today. >>> plus misha revealed. he is found and speaks. let's go "out front." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. we begin "out front" with breaking news. major development. investigators have found female dna on at least used in the attacks. what exactly does that mean? the latest on the investigation. more on what the fbi found at tam tamerlan tsarnaev's wife's house. and a possible link between tamerlan tsarnaev and a known jihadist. and in washington, d.c. tom foremen with a look at how authorities could have prevented the attack and at what cost to america's privacy and freedom. i want to go to boston first. susan candiotti has this breaking news. what do you know about the female dna that investigators apparently have found on one of the bombs used in boston? >> reporter: erin certainly this is an intriguing and a very important development. by finding that female dna on one of the pressure cookers, it certainly helps m
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